Flask-Ask exposes the following configuration variables:

ASK_APPLICATION_ID Turn on application ID verification by setting this variable to an application ID or a list of allowed application IDs. By default, application ID verification is disabled and a warning is logged. This variable should be set in production to ensure requests are being sent by the applications you specify. Default: None
ASK_VERIFY_REQUESTS Enables or disables Alexa request verification, which ensures requests sent to your skill are from Amazon’s Alexa service. This setting should not be disabled in production. It is useful for mocking JSON requests in automated tests. Default: True
ASK_VERIFY_TIMESTAMP_DEBUG Turn on request timestamp verification while debugging by setting this to True. Timestamp verification helps mitigate against replay attacks. It relies on the system clock being synchronized with an NTP server. This setting should not be enabled in production. Default: False


To see the JSON request / response structures pretty printed in the logs, turn on DEBUG-level logging:

import logging